5 July 2018

It is all… beautiful, normal, tiring & exhausting…. the night was short – from 4am I have one kid in each arm, which makes me equally happy and tired. Mia is fine again today, but I keep her at home, as you are not allowed to send your kids, when they vomited and I feel it’s right and …. thank goodness my Mum is here. I run some errands with Mia and past lunch I am done for the day! But I can sleep and Mum takes the kids for a stroll…❤️

On my mind are a thousand things – at least I did not forget to take my chemo pills this morning 😜, but bank transfers, paperwork and a general mess of papers & things just overwhelms me. No, I did not continue my #feelgood challenge, but I will…. just not today 😴

Markus surgery was moved to next Tuesday, when the builders are here, I have to be in kindergarten in the morning and I have an onchology appointment in the afternoon, which means that I can’t even drive him despite my Mum being here to help. He does not want it anyway 😉. His insurance company granted more household aid hours, but our provider has no one available …. somehow it will all work out – it always does 😉

…and I still need to book our holiday…

I manage! I build toy trains, read books and now I am in the hammock, with a drink with Leo in his Sheriff Woody PJs running around, which makes my heart jump! He might have a little temperature, but we will see what the night brings! The alarm reminds me to take my chemo pills and the kids need me ….

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