31 December 2017

Ready for 2018!?! Yes! 2017 was a somehow challenging year, but it was great – from all aspects. Thanks to all of you for being part of my journey and all your love and support! It really means the world to me ❤️

I was still on maternity leave when the year began, we went skiing in March (which was a dreadful experience, as the kids and I were all ill with D&V), went straight to Sri Lanka for a wonderful month of traveling all over this beautiful island, had a flood at home, when we returned (ok, that was actually quite a hassle and the renovation works are still not completed), Mia turned one, went camping by the sea (and actually slept all four in our VW van for the first time), spent relaxing days in the MeckPom Lake District and I finally tried standup paddling, made wonderful new friends, caught up with friends from the past, did go to the QE2 reunion and was diagnosed with breastcancer just before Leo turned three. It feels strange, but I am embracing the chance and opportunity that cancer has given me, the love and the people, it brought back into my life and the few things & people I had to let go. The opportunity to step back, reflect my life and initiate the changes that were needed for a long time, but I was too busy to see or thought that I did not have the options. I look forward to a bright and intensive year ahead of me, where I will go to total remission and follow my heart! I am grateful for all the love I was given so far, am hungry to live each moment and life to the fullest and thankful for the time to focus on myself! I am sure that I will come out of this as a better person, stronger and happier and I want to do something good, give back and help people! And I will have silicon boobs 😉

One thing I never liked, but tolerate even less nowadays is moaning – there are people moaning about anything and everything, getting upset because of little unimportant things, like this guy who got all upset and posted a picture on Facebook of someone, who took off his dinner jacket onboard the Queen Victoria on a formal evening in the bar?!?!? Oh please, get a life!

2018 – I am ready!

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