1 January 2018

It was a good start to 2018, but I am tired 😴 We went for a walk, but I was not feeling too well and glad when we went back to Germany. It was great to catch up with everyone though.

Yet another one of my ship’s colleagues passed away yesterday and I am thinking about my friends, who I lost to cancer. Today I learn about a young woman, Kim, who’s story really touches me. She had breastcancer, but because her doctor did not consider it to be cancer at first, it was already metastatic, when it was detected and she now passed away last night at 30! It makes me not only sad, but so terribly angry!

When I met Elke during my first stay in hospital, she told me about her breast cancer story seven years earlier and that she told her gynecologist several times about abdominal pain last year. Again, by the time they checked the ovaries, the cancer had spread and she was just recovering from an operation, where they removed half of her organs, as it had spread…. my breast cancer buddy also said that her gynecologist did say that it was probably nothing and if she had not insisted, she would not have sent her to a specialist and did not even use the ultrasound to have a look herself….

There are wonderful doctors out there, like mine, but these things are happening. Please check yourself and also ask for second opinions, go to check ups and be aware. There is a lot of hope and cure out there, if the cancer is detected early enough – raise awareness, speak about it to make sure it is no longer a taboo and insist, if you feel that something could be wrong. Look after yourself!


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