2 January 2018

“Make a wish with each lash you loose”… ahhh, why didn’t I think of that earlier… now Frau Dietrich tells me, as I am about to loose my five last lashes … well, five wishes is a lot 😉

I am full of energy, do the kindergarten run, do a beautician appointment to take care of my chemo beaten skin, do a massive amount of grocery shopping and am once again amazed what my bike can carry, cook dinner, do paperwork, tidy up, make long phone calls, pick up Leo, take the xmas decoration off the tree with the kids – less glass ornaments to care about now and almost no needles left to worry about, invite Carla for a playdate and I am about to head out for a girls night. I am enjoying this until the next chemo and no worries, I still chill in between….

Kim’s story is still on my mind all day and has caused a wave of shocked posts on Instagram – it is the fact that despite being all positive, cancer can always win and makes everyone feel vulnerable, even if we do not like to admit it.

See the regrowth!!!

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