28 December 2017

Chemoooooo hoooohooo! Number 10 is done ….whooohooooo! If all goes smoothly, I am all done in one month’s time … yipehhh!

Since the kids have no Kindergarten and Markus is off today, I ask them to bring me to chemo. I want to show the kids, where I go and I want them to meet nurses Fassbender, Theis & Block at pioh. I always tell Leo that this is the medication fire department and that they extinguish the cancer (ref. the book Why is Mum wearing a hat during summer?). Nurse Fassbender gives them some syringes to play with and off they go for a playdate with Michael and his son Max at HalliGalli. I try to be as open as I can with the kids without giving them too much detail and so far, they seem ok.

Same procedure as every time, blood levels are good and off we go. My ‚chemo buddy‘ in Bonn, actually has the chemo with a friend of Claudia, who sits next to me. It is a small and big world with cancer…. we quickly discuss cooling hats and there are apparently studies and discussions about it since the 70s. I stick with the cooling pads on my feet and hands and dose off. I cannot stop stroking my head … I love the fluff. I only had a bit stubbles left on the back of my head and now it is everywhere and soft and lovely… I enjoy the moment as long as it lasts!

The jacket potato place is closed today, which means that I will also miss my fresh post chemo carrot juice (carrot juice is apparently a great cancer remedy!), as I will not have the energy to make one myself at home, maybe I can challenge Markus, when he is back tonight… on a positive note – it is all justified to finally give Paul’s Fish & Chips a try and Markus, Michael and the kids quickly say hello before the takeaway and I take the taxi home. The Fish & Chips bring back nice memories, when I was a student in Ealing and the Pakistani Chippie here does a great job. I look forward to the next one 🙂

I fall asleep, am determined to make phone calls later and pay some bills, but all later or tomorrow …. I am sooo tired! My fingertips and toes are numb and when I wake up, my entire arms are actually numb, but quickly recover….“Oh ha!“, as Leo would put it with his currently favorite expression 😉

I learn about my Seabourn colleague David E. Greene’s cancer today and I really really hope that it is not as terminal, as it sounds…. and yesterday, another breast cancer case in Cologne…. There are so many friends gone and so many new cancer patients lately, that it makes me sick! Stupid cancer!

A huge parcel from Tessa arrived today – she is crazy as usual, but that is why I love her so much or in her words „Some friends are like stars. You cannot always see them, but they are always there!“ That!

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