27 December 2017

I know I keep going on about it, but I still have an issue with my lashes and eyebrows …. or rather without them. No hair is easy to handle – I could have shaved my head on purpose and actually like it, but without eyebrows and lashes, I look ill!

Going home for Christmas, I forgot to pack my make-up – Chemo Brain does not help! I use my mum’s and sister-in-law Anna’s and realize at night that the mascara is waterproof and I have difficulties taking it off…. the price I pay – 10 more lashes gone! 10 does not seem a lot, but if you only have about 25 left, it is a drama – at least for me! On top of it, I also forgot the Revitalash, which I don’t think makes a big difference, but I am slightly superstitious with these things nowadays and rather do not change anything…. just in case!

Though I shaved my head Christmas, there is regrowth….. yipehhh!!! It is amazing! There seems to be regrowth with my lashes as well though – I spotted some very short blond lashes today and hope it is not just the rest of some old ones 😉

I think I am getting a cold again – did not feel that well today, chilled a lot with the kids at home and started to have a running nose by the afternoon…. but I did get my new iPhone (yes, Anna, you will get my old one on Friday 😉) and I met my fellow ‚chemo buddy‘, who will have her second chemo tomorrow. She told me all about her cooling cap, which she is wearing for the entire four hours plus gloves and shoes!! She is very strong and positive though and seems to be on top of things! It was great to catch up and thank you for a nice evening at Herr Pimock.


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