26 December 2017

We are finally back in Cologne and I am tired, but happy and the kids are adorable. There was so much magic and love during Christmas and I am grateful ❤️ – and I took it easy and simply enjoyed it!

Last night, my brother Micky and I eventually hit the town and went to Tröte. I literately spent half of my teenage life in this pub and though things changed, it is still the same feeling, when I go. Half the people I speak to, actually live in Cologne and we rarely manage to see each other there, so we finally have time for a catch-up. In the past, you would meet loads of people there on Christmas Day, but there are really only a handful we know. It is not the quantity that matters though 😉

Cancer is one of the main subjects that evening, but it is ok and I realize once again, that talking about it, being open and writing a blog is actually helping people! There are so many cancer stories out there and nobody seems to talk about it!

Two people actually contact me during Christmas, who say that they did not have the courage to contact me yet and I appreciate their honesty and that they still contact me despite the fact that they really struggle to do so! Thank you!

Peter and I talk about how we met during a thunderstorm looking for shelter in a phone booth, which was actually struck by lightning – an 18 year old looks at us a bit puzzled and we realize that he actually has no clue what a phone booth is…. now that is what makes you feel really old!

At 2.00am, we go to another pub, which is almost empty and actually closing for good two days later – it is the end of the night and the town is dead…not that there is a great choice of pubs anyway 😉


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