22 December 2017

11 degrees and rain.... not the kind of Christmas weather I asked for, but hey, Michelle is stopping in Cologne on her way from Amsterdam to Frankfurt this afternoon and I cannot wait to see her 😀 Markus is home with Mia and Anja can fill in for our household help Steffi in the afternoon... Continue Reading →

21 December 2017

Chemo day.... Number 9 today! By now I know most of the patients and I chat with Sonja, who gets bi-weekly infusions due to an immune deficiency. Her friend has just been diagnosed with breastcancer and she heard about my blog. I hope it will help her! My other 'follower', who has been diagnosed with... Continue Reading →

20 December 2017

A Captain once said "Alex, you are like a Rottweiler - you do not let go until you get what you want..." right! I got a Tonies Box...whoohooooo 🎉 It is mainly due to Alexa, who spotted and reserved it in one of Facebook's fleamarket groups, but I got it, I got it, I got it... Continue Reading →

19 December 2017

I decide to enjoy the morning's peace and quietness today! A newspaper with coffee in bed is my most desired thing right now - pure bliss! Even if everything is available online, I love reading 'real' papers, like I did before I had kids! Eventually I go to town and after yet another unsuccessful attempt... Continue Reading →

17 December 2017

I feel like I partied all night... I wish 😉 I am dizzy and weak and hope my energy returns tomorrow! Yesterday everyone commented on how well I look - easy trick .... cortisone makes rosy cheeks! Today I spend almost all day in bed and sleep a lot, while Markus is out and about... Continue Reading →

16 December 2017

No more coughing, but I get my revenge for yesterday - I am exhausted! I still manage to decorate the tree with Leo and go to the Kulturkirche Christmas market meeting lots of friends and kids... I am freezing though and shivering when I arrive back home and have to cancel my evening plans  -... Continue Reading →

15 December 2017

Doro sent me Aloe Vera goodies from Fuerteventura - I love the gloves and socks, which make really soft hands and feet and I do use the gel, but sorry.... I cannot make myself drink that stuff on an empty stomach yet.... maybe it is the bottle, which looks like shower gel, but I will... Continue Reading →

14 December 2017

Chemo day... juchhey!??!? I pack food, books, earphones and Christmas cookies for the nurses and off I go. My blood is good and chemo #8 is on it's way!  They always order them from a pharmacy across the road and it is only mixed just before I get it. While I wait, I manage to... Continue Reading →

13 December 2017

When the going gets tough, the tough get going - Tabea and the running Mamas are training despite the cold and the rain, but we sit for ages in the Klee'snack Cafe afterwards hugging the radiator... cold and wet is not ideal, but I took it easy. It is the second day without antibiotics and I... Continue Reading →

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