16 December 2017

No more coughing, but I get my revenge for yesterday – I am exhausted! I still manage to decorate the tree with Leo and go to the Kulturkirche Christmas market meeting lots of friends and kids… I am freezing though and shivering when I arrive back home and have to cancel my evening plans  – yes, that is what I do nowadays 😉 good girl!! Hot water bottle and a cup of tea – what an exciting Saturday evening….

Something amazing happened today though….my hair is still growing!! I did have to shave my head after hospital, but now there is new hair again and it seems to grown quite strongly … I tried to take a picture, but it is really light coloured. It will probably stop growing soon, when I am back on chemo track, but I am amazed how fast it grows, will shave it off again and look forward to enormous hair grow at the end of chemo 😀

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