17 December 2017

I feel like I partied all night… I wish 😉 I am dizzy and weak and hope my energy returns tomorrow!

Yesterday everyone commented on how well I look – easy trick …. cortisone makes rosy cheeks! Today I spend almost all day in bed and sleep a lot, while Markus is out and about with the kids. Additionally I am still busy trying to get one of the completely sold out Tonies Boxes for Xmas, as I – idiot – talked Leo into wanting one.

Reading is not possible, but I listen to the audiobook Am Arsch vorbei ist auch ein Weg, which I downloaded after my first operation in hospital. The author is reading it herself and her voice is sooo tiring and the book is so boring, that I fall asleep all the time 😉

There are a lot of cancer stories out there and the more I get into the subject, the bigger the subject gets…. a lot of people don’t talk about it for all different reasons and it is up to each individual how they want to handle it. Since I went public with my story, a lot of people told me their unknown or secret cancer stories and it seems that cancer is everywhere, but most of the stories I heard have a happy ending ❤️ never give up!

Finally managed to capture my amazing – though probably temporary – hair growth ❤

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