19 December 2017

I decide to enjoy the morning’s peace and quietness today! A newspaper with coffee in bed is my most desired thing right now – pure bliss! Even if everything is available online, I love reading ‚real‘ papers, like I did before I had kids!

Eventually I go to town and after yet another unsuccessful attempt to get a Tonies box, I go shopping for ….myself…..  Maybe this is a way of treating myself?!? Am I compensating?!? Whatever! My family stopped giving presents to each other in the 90s and starting this year Markus and I decided not to give each other anything either. I am on a mission and enjoy it, while I am in between constantly on the phone with the insurance company, the association of SHI physicians and different psychotherapists – I can finally see a psycho oncologist in Haus LebensWert in January now 🙄 what a hassle!!!

Little did I know that in the meantime the postman had been! Thank you! I received this massive parcel from Steffi, who I worked with onboard QE2, with books, home made cake, cookies and loads of other goodies…. I was really touched and overwhelmed!!! And Kerstin sent a parcel, Birgit and her daughter crocheted a hat….I am continuously receiving lots of cards and letters, but also emails and messages with so much love – …. thank you all for your words and time! It really makes my day ❤️ and did I mention that my wonderful neighbours created a St. Nikolaus explosion outside our door on the 6th?!?!

Did I mention that I do love Christmas!?!?! Maybe it is because I was away so much, but I love to be here this time of the year! I did also love the Christmas season onboard the cruiseships, where we went a bit overboard with tons of decorations, carol singers during embarkation and for the crew – non-stop Christmas parties. Each department would have a different slot on Xmas day and you would have eggnog (uh, that is something I never got used to along with mince pies 🙄) at the doctor’s office, a Christmas grotto in the Engineer’s workshop, mulled wine in the crew office and by lunchtime, you would wonder how you would survive…. and being away from family and friends somewhere in the Caribbean, we would all feel very close and jolly!

Nevertheless – it is wonderful to have Christmas markets, decorations and cold weather…. mind you, due to stupid cancer and pneumonia, I have only been to the little markets and it has been raining all day, but I am not bothered a lot –  I look forward to going home and to seeing my family and childhood friends!!

Thank god I am fit and strong today. Mia is throwing up all afternoon – twice all over me 🤢 – she is in a good mood though and I hope that she will not continue during the night …..fingers crossed!

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

2 Kommentare

  1. Hi Alex, is there a special reason why you missed out Monday 18th? Are you speeding down, finally in order to save some more strength for kicking the enemy? Would be smart to do from my perspective. I apologise as I definetely do not want to sound like a parole officer😉
    Have nice evening. Big hug!

    Gefällt mir

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