20 December 2017

A Captain once said „Alex, you are like a Rottweiler – you do not let go until you get what you want…“ right! I got a Tonies Box…whoohooooo 🎉 It is mainly due to Alexa, who spotted and reserved it in one of Facebook’s fleamarket groups, but I got it, I got it, I got it 🎉

Mia stays with me today, but no throwing up since yesterday evening and we enjoy the last session and coffees with the running Mamas.

Leo is so sweet when I leave the house tonight to meet the girls „and you really did not forget anything, really?!?! Are you sure!?!?“. Maybe my kids realize more and more that I am slightly forgetful with chemo brain 😉

We are having dinner and drinks, it is a fun evening, but I seriously overeat …. I am sooo sick now! What really shocks me is leaving Hahnheiser and having 90+ What’s App messages!?!? Hello!??! That is a bit mad…45 were from one group of friends, but still…. Thank God I cannot sleep yet, as my tummy is all wobbly, so I will sit back, relax and enjoy my nocturnes.

I did not shave my head yet…. I think I will check with the chemo nurses tomorrow, if my hair is possibly growing despite Paclitaxel!??! I guess I know the answer, but hey, little hair for another day 😉



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