12 December 2017

After a lazy morning, I see psycho oncologist Beate Rahn and funnily enough, I can see her again in January…. She says that the fact that my head is clearer and I can concentrate on reading books, is probably due to the chemo pause – therefore I have to hurry with my next book before chemo on Thursday! I really hope it will go ahead.

From Holweide I go straight to see psycho no. 2, Dr. Kroll-Fratoni, an American guy. He agrees to fill in the paperwork required by the insurance company, says that he will put adjustment disorder regarding my breastcancer situation and recommends two psychotherapists. He also recommends someone the kids can see, if I feel they have issues. Haus LebensWert is the psycho oncologist service of the Uni Klinik and the offer a lot of activities for cancer patients and nurse Fassbender is also raving about it…. I shall check it out!

Having talked with two psychos about what I do, how I handle the situation, how my kids and Markus are, how I look after myself, etc., really does my head in…. it’s all mushy peas. Today I missed my stop at Holweide and also the one for Dr. Kroll-Fratoni – Chemo Brain is not completely gone 😉

I just finished the last nude art session – it really takes my mind of everything and the psychics…..

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