13 December 2017

When the going gets tough, the tough get going – Tabea and the running Mamas are training despite the cold and the rain, but we sit for ages in the Klee’snack Cafe afterwards hugging the radiator… cold and wet is not ideal, but I took it easy. It is the second day without antibiotics and I feel the coughing is getting a bit worse, but try to inhale a bit more to be fit tomorrow.

The subject of the day is silicone implants and one of the running Mamas is wondering, if they are being removed after you die or if you are buried with them!??!? What a thought…I seriously do not get it… are there environmental concerns!?!? It was a fun morning though 😉

Well, I see the dentist (I am not allowed to use the special toothpaste for more than three months and they recommend something else) and pick up Leo from Kindergarten to… how do I put this the right way without coming across like an iceskating mom: We visited Speaker’s Corner, who have English playgroups for kids, who are three and older and it is just around the corner from where we live. It was actually good fun and Leo enjoyed it and we will be there next week again before we decide, if he will continue. No worries, he is not starting Mandarin and violin yet, but I often talk in English and he always asks about it 😉

While Mia is at gymnastics with Anja, Leo and I prepare cookie dough and fresh carrot juice. Mom arrives and I use the evening to finally clean up my bedroom, sort all my paperwork, pay all overdue invoices and get my stuff ready for tomorrow – I wanted to do that for weeks and it is such a relief. I have the urge to make the most of today, while my head is clear and I am under less chemo… and I will spend time with Mom now and try to read, as I will probably loose my concentration again by tomorrow… Carpe diem!

Tough ain’t enough – soaking wet after training with Simone 😉

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

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  1. Vielleicht kann ich bei der Aufklärung der Frage nach der Bestattung mit/ohne Implantate helfen. Aus der Erfahrung meines Vaters heraus, der Bestatter war, sagt er, dass nach Feststellung des Todes durch den Arzt kein Pathologe mehr an den Leichnam kommt, es sei denn, dass eine Obduktion notwendig wird um die Todesursache feststellen zu können.
    Das Entfernen von körperfremden, umweltbedenklichen Substanzen würde auf Implantate jeglicher Art anzuwenden sein. So z.B. für die viel häufiger auftretenden Titanhüften, künstliche Knie, Herzschrittmacher etc. Die Pathologen hätten heutzutage fast jede Großmutter oder jeden Großvater nach dem Ableben auf dem Tisch, wenn sie vor der Bestattung noch tätig werden müssten.
    Welch „schönes“ Thema. Ich hoffe damit die Bedenken, die gegen ein Implantat sprechen zumindest in dieser Hinsicht ausgeräumt zu haben.
    Liebe Grüße


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