11 December 2017

Cologne is green and rainy again and I am back in my busy life, but at a much slower pace. The coughing is almost gone and my voice is still a bit rough, but coming back 🙂

I see my gynecologist, Dr. Rix, for the first time since seeing her with the lump in my breast on 28 August. She hugs me and we chat for a while. There were actually six or seven women, who she sent to Prof. Dr. Breidenbach and Katja was the first, all were young, the youngest being 28… she said that I am handling the cancer in a good way and that she would make the same choices I have made, compliments me on writing a blog and says some people have been successful writing their stories … and I know immediately that she is talking about Nicole Staudinger – the quick-wittedness queen!

Having been in hospital I was unable to get a new sick note from Prof. Dr. Breidenbach, therefore I organize this quickly, drop it off at work and say hello to my colleagues. The administration around cancer is annoying. Every four weeks I have to get a new sick note and drop one off at work and send another one to my insurance company. Welcome to Germany with all it forms, rules and regulations. Guess what – the psychologist, who I will see tomorrow, will have to fill a certain form (PTV 11) and the insurance company pointed out that he will have to enter a certain code and I should double check. With this form and a code, I then call this appointment service number of the Association of SHI Physicians North Rhine, who arranged this appointment for me, again and they will find a psychologist, who I can see in the future… and you do not have a say in the where and who 😉

I am suppose to have lunch with Armin, one of Markus friends, who is wonderful, but Katja calls. I have not seen her since her last chemo and she had also just been to Dr. Rix, so I decide, if I take a taxi, we can quickly meet and catch up… Her hair is already growing again. It is very soft and does not look like the down some of the cancer pictures show, but it actually looks like proper hair. Well, from pictures I know that she had a lot of hair beforehand – so did I and that is a nice perspective! She will also keep her hair short and apart from facing radiation next, she is well and suddenly has these remarkable eyelashes…. I probably focus mainly on eyebrows and lashes now, as I am terrified of every single lash I loose at the moment and my eyebrows are a dilemma.

Taxi to meet Armin, lymph drainage, groceries and Christmas party in Leos Kindergarten…. I do rest as well though, inhale and will have a lazy morning tomorrow!

I finish the day with yoga and on my way home I get a chicken Dürüm again, which is – and this is scary – almost like my pavlovian response to yoga now…. ahhh – how ironic?!?! But at least I am eating 😉

This is the first time Leo actually draws something recognizable (it’s Nikolaus and not a cockatoo!!) …. proud Mummy Me ❤

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