10 December 2017

Oh what a beautiful day! Note to self – always check the weather app before taking the bike anywhere in December. I thought a little excercise and fresh air would be beneficial, so we take the bikes to Simone’s for breakfast. It is 10.00am, a bit cold, but a nice and dry day.

While chillaxing with Simone and Sebastian, it starts to snow and does not stop anymore… suddenly we are in Winter Wonderland and in the early afternoon we figure that there will not be any improvement and we still have to take the bikes home. It is magic – but also mad to ride a bike, as there are tons of snow!

We can finally build a snowman, have snowball fights, go crazy and the kids are sooo happy and excited. This is the first snow for Mia! We warm up, eat cookies and the excited, red and glowing faces of my kids warm my heart. My Mom is leaving in the late afternoon despite the fact that all transportation around Cologne completely breaks down, but she does not want to stay another night, so we cross our fingers and toes, but there is already a two hours delay with the first train… Good luck!!!

A neighbour brings some freshly baked brioche around and I actually have a second serving. Not enjoying food is really sad and therefore this is a great 🙂 When I was younger I would comfort myself with food to numb feelings, therefore food has always played a large role in my life. Nowadays I allow feelings, a healthy nutrition is important to me, I enjoy dining with friends with a good glass of wine and not having any appetite is taking something away from me. I know that it is temporary though and in the meantime I just force myself to eat regularly.

I am exhausted, but happy, as I love snow and we did not have this much snow since years! I am taking it easy now, rest  and look forward to tomorrow, which is a bit packed, but I will try to go slowly 😉



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