24 April 2018

Today I pay the price for yesterday … I am exhausted, but have a strange experience brushing my hair for the first time since September…. hmmmm…. it hurts a bit and to be honest, I don’t really notice a difference. I will not do that again and see for how long I can get away with it 🤔

Frau Dietrich at Physio manages improve the state of my breast and I am grateful – maybe it will be ok until Thursday!?!? I run some errands and go to querbeet, which is a kid’s store, but actually does great Latte macchiatos and I like to pop in now and then for a quick scroll and a chat with Jenny, who also used to live in London for a while… and then I sleep and chill until I pick up Leo.

I have my first InterNations meeting tonight. My friend Michelle said I should join them, as it is a well travelled international crowd of global minds and despite being busy enough, I thought I should give it a try! We meet at Maria Eetcafe, which is a cool place I have never been to. The crowd is international, it feels like traveling and I love it. It is being away from home at home…. in general, I don’t feel that I have enough time and energy to socialize a lot, but I will definitely fit in these InterNation events now and then, especially when being stuck here with daily radiations 😉

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