21 April 2018

Tummy cramps and aches is something I have been living with for years along with frequent changes of bowel movements, but nowadays I worry about it! I check, if I notice any of the bowel cancer symptoms…. and I do, but there is no weightloss 😉 Thank goodness for the colonoscopy scheduled for the 18th May…. and thank goodness for being asleep while they do it!

The issue with cancer is that you see your body in a different light and you think about the ifs and whats a bit more often…. it is only normal, as I did not notice anything when the beast was growing in my breast and since the chemo was not able to kill it all together, my mind is not as straight forward as it used to be…. thankfully I do not freak though and it is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life anyway!

I spend the day in Gastraum Köln, a great loft, which Janssen Oncology rented to run their first Blogger Workshop with 12 cancer bloggers. The subjects cover clinical research, blogging from a psycho oncological perspective, web searches & social media analytics, patient communications & exchange …. it is fruitful, positiv, inspiring. Thanks for the exchange, listening, sharing, organizing this wonderful day accompanied by great food, a sensitive photographer and a wonderful artist, who graphically documented the day …. I will share the information about the other 11 bloggers below!

I am on a high flying home to see my kids and tomorrow I will report about the Blogger4Charity event in Düsseldorf!

Check them out! Fuck Cancer – das Leben mit Krebs und der Kampf (Braintumor), MaiRose & Krebskillerin (Breastcancer), Cancelling Cancer – Kein Weg zu weit (Bowelcancer), Krabbamein – der Krebs und ich (Thyroidcancer), Leukofighter – mein unglaublicher Kampf gegen die Leukämie & Always keep fighting – My Life My Story – My Life with Cancer (Leukaemia), Schockdiagnose Krebs – und plötzlich ist alles anders (Tongue/ Throat cancer), Auf einmal war er da (Yolk-Sac-Tumor), Gesundheit ist nicht alles – aber ohne Gesundheit ist alles nichts (Salivary Gland cancer), Krebstierchen (Soft tissue cancer)

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