20 April 2018

Today is Mama and Leo Day, as Kindergarten is closed – it is sunny, warm and we are meeting Leo’s buddies in Boulder Planet, go to Burger King and hang out in our garden!

I am exhausted and realize that I am not fit yet for a full day with kids…. I need to get out and actually make it to Filos to meet the girls, who I first met in the prenatal weekend class pre Leo. When we all part, I have a last little glass of wine with my cousin Sylvie, who lives across the street. It is a mild summer evening and the streets are packed – it’s mid April 😉

Yes, we talked about cancer and yes, I am a bit sad today that I can’t say that it is all over soon, but I am ok that it takes longer and am willing to do whatever it takes. I was unable to see Prof. Dr. Breidenbach today to check my breast, but she will see me on Monday…. It is much better, but still has not healed properly. Well, since I know now that the radiation people will radiate anything, I am quite keen to get the go ahead from my doctor before it all starts on Thursday 😉

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