19 April 2018

I ride my bike through the little streets off Turiner Straße, where the radiology center is. There is a huge construction site and I have problems finding the back entrance, but make it just on time. It is early in the morning, but the air is warm, the sun is bright and I am ready to get sewing patterns drawn all over me… I am laying on my back ready to whoosh into the CT scanner, the upper part of my body is naked and a nice doctor covers me up with my t-Shirt. It does not even feel weird anymore to lay somewhere naked…. the amount of people, who look at my boobs, touch them, scan them and talk about them is increadible and in a way, it has become something like having your feet measured…. absolutely normal!

Then everyone is there and despite feeling normal just a minute ago, I suddenly feel like a piece of meat. A roast, which is being prepared to be shoved in the oven…. I slide into the CT scanner, out and two women draw lines and crosses on my torso. It is actually not too bad, as my tumor area is apparently easily spotted and they tape the lines with plasters to prevent that they wash off too easily! I feel a bit like a crash test dummy, but what bothers me more is the fact that the therapy will end 11 June – no QM2 and no Berlin?!? Dr. Ricke sees me again and adjusts the appointments due to all the public holidays and the therapy suddenly ends 8 June and it works around the Berlin trip …. whooohoooo! Thank you!

I find the ideal bike route, have a coffee at Simone’s and another one at Maja’s to book our train ticket!!! Can’t wait! Berlin, Berlin, we are going to Berlin 🎶🎵

In the meantime, the revision department from my health insurance has declined my appeal against the cutting of the household aid, while I was recovering in Bali…. the comment is „unreasonable“. Well, do whatever you want. I find it sad that the bureaucracy is this narrow minded and that they pay for my household aid, when in rehab, but not when recovering in Bali, which was probably much more efficient than any rehab, but with no cost for them…. anyhow, it is not worthwhile to loose any sleep over it.

Off I go to talk about colonoscopy in hospital and am sitting in St. Vinzenz Hospital in the dark endoscopy department waiting for my appointment. But it won’t be long …. I hope…. and this afternoon the kids and I can try the new inflatable splash pool, which I bought today – hello summer 😎

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