18 April 2018

Summer is here and it feels like the ‚good old times‘ in Frankfurt! Anne and I know each other from the Lufthansa’s flight attendant training days in 1994 – back then there were no kids and endless talks with coffee and cigarettes…. today was just like that, as the kids stayed at their father Karsten’s place …. but no cigarettes 😀 It’s these friendships that are effortlessly comfortable, where you never think you have to do something, can let your hair down (if you have any 😉) and feel at home. Anne is one of my best friends and Mias godmother. Fun fact: she lived in Ealing (London) year before I went to uni there and there are so many fun memories I share with her!

There is not much film shooting left to do for DKMS LIFE today and I can meet Anne for a quick brunch at Café Crumble before I jump on my train home to Cologne. I am happy that I could support DKMS LIFE and it was fun, happy that I could see Anne and happy that I can go home now to see my kids after kindergarten!

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