17 April 2018

DKMS LIFE runs the German „Look good feel better“ programme organizing make-up seminars for cancer patients. It does not matter, if you just got your diagnosis, are in the middle of treatment or already in remission – they want to put a smile on our face and there are many companies supporting them with make-up products, which you can take home in a goodie bag. DKMS LIFE are completely financed by donations and yes, the seminars are complimentary ….you learn how to handle chemo skin, draw eyebrows, if you no longer have any and colour eyes without eyelashes – it makes any cancer patient feel good and the patients leaving the seminar glow inside out! Pale faces suddenly brighten up through make-up and confidence!

I am happy to support this wonderful organisation and I am helping to shoot a training video for their make-up artists, who voluntarily run these seminars all over the country! Check out the DKMS LIFE homepage for seminars and if you want to donate, this is money well invested!

It is a fun day, we will finish tomorrow and until then, I will spend some quality time with my friend Anne!

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