16 April 2018

The sunshine wakes me up and my mood brightens as the beams hit my face. I feel much better and enjoy the early morning with my kids. Mia wants to cuddle all the time and clings to my leg…. my kids – like all kids – have very fine senses and feel when I need extra love ❤️

The elevator takes me to the 12th floor in the building next to Haus LebensWert. There are windows on each side of the room overlooking Cologne – what a beautiful setting for music therapy. Today is apparently the ‚large‘ circle meeting of appr. 14 people, which takes place once a month, while the ’small‘ circle meets weekly. We warm up humming different tones and loosening our tongues and jaws before we pair up. I pair up with the therapist Norbert Herrmanns, close my eyes and follow his humming around the room…. it actually focuses me on my hearing while I am in a cocoon of humming sounds and it is an amazing feeling of warmth and homeliness. There is a roof terrace outside the room and we all go outside to sing with Norbert Herrmanns taking the guitar with him. We are singing „we are sailing“ and tears start running down my cheeks…. it is a joyful crying in this beautiful setting with the wind blowing through my short hair and the sun warming the air. I am thinking about my time at sea, karaoke in the Golden Lion Pub onboard the QE2, MiniMe and I singing together, as I love singing, but would never sing alone, would blush and try to get away. Today, I don’t care what the others think, what I sound like …. I enjoy it so much and sing at the top of my voice! A final song combines movement and singing and I cannot wait until next week. We don’t introduce each other and I have no idea, who the others are, but the group has a good feel about it and Norbert Herrmanns plays a major role. He has a very strong voice being an opera singer and I really look forward to next Monday 🎶 …. let’s see who is part of the ‚inner‘ circle 😉

I enjoy the high, while having a coffee and a croissant – yep, that is ok, as I started the day with a green smoothie bowl – in the sun outside Café Petit Noir and run some errands before seeing psycho oncologist Dr. Multhaupt! I feel stronger than ever…. just a little cold, but much better!

To complete my feel well experience, I am at the Barber’s …. drinks offered: coke, coffee and water 🙄, but it was a great experience, the guys were fab and I wasn’t even charged, as he said that he hardly did anything…. well, without a beard and without long hair, there is not much to do, I guess, but having clean contours means the world to me. I do smell a bit like a bearded guy now, but I am sure that wears off soon and the other mothers at the playground do not complain 😉 Thank you, Al Barbier Nassr!

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