21 April 2018

Tummy cramps and aches is something I have been living with for years along with frequent changes of bowel movements, but nowadays I worry about it! I check, if I notice any of the bowel cancer symptoms.... and I do, but there is no weightloss 😉 Thank goodness for the colonoscopy scheduled for the 18th... Continue Reading →

20 April 2018

Today is Mama and Leo Day, as Kindergarten is closed - it is sunny, warm and we are meeting Leo's buddies in Boulder Planet, go to Burger King and hang out in our garden! I am exhausted and realize that I am not fit yet for a full day with kids.... I need to get... Continue Reading →

19 April 2018

I ride my bike through the little streets off Turiner Straße, where the radiology center is. There is a huge construction site and I have problems finding the back entrance, but make it just on time. It is early in the morning, but the air is warm, the sun is bright and I am ready... Continue Reading →

18 April 2018

Summer is here and it feels like the 'good old times' in Frankfurt! Anne and I know each other from the Lufthansa's flight attendant training days in 1994 - back then there were no kids and endless talks with coffee and cigarettes.... today was just like that, as the kids stayed at their father Karsten's... Continue Reading →

17 April 2018

DKMS LIFE runs the German "Look good feel better" programme organizing make-up seminars for cancer patients. It does not matter, if you just got your diagnosis, are in the middle of treatment or already in remission - they want to put a smile on our face and there are many companies supporting them with make-up... Continue Reading →

16 April 2018

The sunshine wakes me up and my mood brightens as the beams hit my face. I feel much better and enjoy the early morning with my kids. Mia wants to cuddle all the time and clings to my leg.... my kids - like all kids - have very fine senses and feel when I need... Continue Reading →

15 April 2018

I sleep only a few hours and lay awake having bad mom thoughts running through my mind. It rains heavily and I do not manage to stop my mind, which runs like a hamster in a wheel....I feel guilty for not spending the afternoon with my kids, as I will hardly be home next week.... Continue Reading →

14 April 2018

It is warm and sunny and busy.... Yes, I do too much, but the weather is so beautiful and I feel that I am full of energy. I am very proud to say that I managed to get an appointment at a very cool barber shop! The bearded guys and their bearded clients looked slightly... Continue Reading →

13 April 2018

I quickly get some passport pictures done today, as the City of Cologne wants some up-to-date ones for my handicapped ID, which was apparently granted in February. I look at the pictures thinking that I look quite normal again. Normal? What is normal?!? My world is upside down, I do things differently, think differently and... Continue Reading →

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