11 April 2018

Getting up I am tired beyond believe!! My mood today follows the weather – rainy in the morning and sunshine in the evening. I have not been to the running Mamas for a while, but make an effort and join them 30 min late. This week is a plank challenge in which I cannot participate anyway 😉, but the social aspect is certainly a motivator though. Coffee with the girls and lunch with Maja and Sandra brighten my day a bit!

I am late for sports due to my fatigue and a call from the music therapist. I can start the therapy on Monday and what he explains sounds very promising – I really look forward to it 🤗

I notice that people look at me more these days…. why?!? I have hair now and in my terms it is loads of hair!! Well, it was not really warm for the past seven months and I used to wear a hat or beanie while being outside, which made me blend in quite nicely. I would take it off as soon as I entered a building, but with this warm weather nowadays I no longer need a beanie to keep me warm…. do I care though?!?!? Not really…. and I always speak to the people straight away, if they keep staring, which normally helps both of us 😉

It ties in quite nicely that Michael and I visit a vernissage tonight „Schönlinge – Auf der Suche nach der Schönheit der Verletzlichkeit“ ….this exhibition is aimed to raise awareness for Alopecia Areata (an autoimmune illness, which is often considered ‚cosmetic‘ as you ‚only‘ loose some or all of your hair). Lisa Haalk, the beautiful and charming initiator of this project, has been living with alopecia since she was 11 years old and asked her friend Ingrid Hagenhenrich to take her pictures…. The idea was born and 2015 they started this amazing project with 27 alopecia beauties, 27 photo shootings, 1 traveling exhibition. It is an inspiring evening and I see great photographies, incredible people and have tears in my eyes, when one of them describes what being part of this project meant to her.

Yes, I lost every single hair on my body, but I always knew that it was only temporary and it was amazing to see all these photographies of these beautiful women shining despite being hairless for years! The exhibition is in Cologne until May 25.

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