10 April 2018

When I first received my diagnosis, I approached it in the same way I manage projects at work – make a project plan, timelines and set up a good filing system. An accordion file folder is my way to stay on top of all the paperwork. The is a slot for insurance, nutrition, courses, psychology, radiation, diagnosis, invoices, hospital, chemo, etc. and the folder is almost bursting after more than six months, but considering the amount of administrative work one has to cope with, it really helps to have a project manager’s approach and key is a digital calendar …. physio, podology, make appointments for colonoscopy and a heart echo, I should also check out my music therapy, should complete the TCM questionnaire, should organise the taxi transfers contract for radiation, which the insurance company has granted, etc etc …. and there is our household and social life, which needs organizing, but I am ready for all and in a much better mood today after a meditation with Leo and the perspective to have lunch with Maja ❤️

Apart from the necessary administration, there is some work, which I actually enjoy and which helps my intention to raise awareness and support others. I am supporting DKMSlife and will have a first project with them next week. Additionally, I have been invited to a blogger workshop on April 21 and just received the agenda today! Not only are the topics quite interesting, but it will be nice to exchange information with fellow bloggers, which I will also be doing on the 22nd, when I am attending the Blogger4Charity event in Düsseldorf! There are interesting times ahead, a lot of cancer and charity publicity and I will certainly write about it!

My energy level is quite high today, I organise whatever I can while having a quiet coffee at Café Eichhörnchen and I am fit enough to look after the kids a bit more, which I enjoy a lot! I also try to think about my therapy in baby steps again! Radiation first: the start is now being moved to 26 April. I speak to Dr. Ricke and she says that the recommended window for radiation is 4-8 weeks post operation and with 7 weeks, we are still alright! 28 days of radiation, five days a week, bring me right to 4 June….. There are tons of public holidays in May – do they radiate on public holidays?!?! Maja and I wanted to go to Berlin on the 4th of June …. fingers crossed 😉

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