14 April 2018

It is warm and sunny and busy…. Yes, I do too much, but the weather is so beautiful and I feel that I am full of energy.

I am very proud to say that I managed to get an appointment at a very cool barber shop! The bearded guys and their bearded clients looked slightly puzzled when I enter, but it is no issue and I will see them on Monday….in the late afternoon – just in case they will offer me a drink 😉

Anna, who I know from my first meeting at DKMS LIFE (who organise the look good feel better cosmetic workshops for cancer patients), organised a get together with five breasties and it was great to chat with them! The exchange amongst cancer patients is always special, as we can best relate to each other – thank you for organizing this meeting, Anna!

I have little energy left, but meet my family and friends at Fink for a nice open air dinner! Carola, the owner, actually sports the same hairstyle I have – by choice though – and it is nice to see her again!

I am beyond tired, completely exhausted and simply fall into bed when we finally reach home. Just two quick bedtime stories and my energy is gone. I look forward to having more energy one day to manage a whole day plus an evening, but for now, I am happy for what I have. I will catch up on some sleep, as I have been awake with Mia since 6.00am, and try not to do anything for the rest of the weekend apart from barbecuing…. of rather eating and socializing on my terrace 😉

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