13 April 2018

I quickly get some passport pictures done today, as the City of Cologne wants some up-to-date ones for my handicapped ID, which was apparently granted in February. I look at the pictures thinking that I look quite normal again.

Normal? What is normal?!? My world is upside down, I do things differently, think differently and generally care less what is normal and if I am normal or not. I am definitely not the standard normal right now, but I feel good and love my blossoming hair, lashes and eyebrows – I am a short hair fan now…. ok, a little bit more density and length will cover my scalp quite nicely, but it is ok as it is!

I think that I could do with a little trim around the edges and ears by now though…. is that a hair dresser’s job??? No, I think I want to use the opportunity and go to a barber for the first and last time in my life…. I might as well take advantage of the situation and I always wanted to know what it is like to visit a barber, since the shops look so nice and according to my brother, it is quite an experience and my friend Nick says he even get’s whiskey there?!?! Not that I like whiskey, but hey… if I am lucky, my hairdresser offers me a coffee 😉 Let’s see if they turn me away, but since I have seen kids in there, you obviously don’t necessarily need a beard?!?!?…. I will try it this weekend!

I feel much better today, tidy the flat, go to lymph drainage and manage the entire afternoon with Leo, music school, ice cream and a quick visit to a very nice birthday party at Steffy’s, who I have know for years now! We don’t see each other a lot since she left the running mamas, but every time we do, I really enjoy it and we have the same interior design taste 😉.

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