28 September 2017

Chemo nurse Frau Fassbender wasn’t there the last time and I like her straight away! “You are being expected!” – Katja has reserved a seat for me and I unpack the pretzels I brought along – Katja brought some M&Ms and we are ready to go. It is amazing how many parallels there are – same gynocologist, same wig lady, same doctor, diagnose exactly one month before me, works for a travel agency and apart from all that – we just get along and have the same attitude! I think some of the patients are a bit annoyed that we are chatting away, but after a while we get a bit tired anyway … not from talking, but from the infusions šŸ˜‰ Katja is on her 6th chemo, but she does the smaller ones, which you do weekly and therefore leaves an hour earlier than me, which is ok as well.

It gives me time to watch the people, who come in and out – all walks of life, but it touches me that some seem so fragile and weak.

My dentist told me to use a special toothpaste during chemo, Katja uses a special hand creme ….and what really shocks me – her insurance company refused to pay her medical bill for the PAN clinic and said to her husband “your wife has an 80% chance of surviving and therefore might as well have waited for another week until an appointment in Holweide would have been available” – can you believe it!?!?!?

The sickness is still there this time, but I cope with it without additional medication and I am fine.


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