17 September 2017

Saturday was busy - I had the feeling that we should have a picture taken of the family while I still have hair.... which we did - after a 3rd birthday breakfast and before meeting some Moms for a post 3rd birthday get together...maybe I should slow down 😉 Today is the Muddy Angel Run... Continue Reading →

15 September 2017

I have to go back for an injection to stimulate the white blood cell production and get some more infusions of NaCl and Cortisone... I actually feel alright though - still a bit sick, but not too bad! We will see how the weekend goes 😉 I have received so many flowers, presents and cards... Continue Reading →

14 September 2017

Actually this would have been officially my first day back at work after maternity leave and instead I have chemo number 1 - ohhh, I am nervous! I have a large müsli (ask they told me I should), drink a lot of ginger water (as Elke recommended), pack snacks, the Headspace meditation app activate3d (as... Continue Reading →

13 September 2017

I speak to the Taxi company "TaxiRuf Köln" in order to get everything ready for my free taxi rides - they are insisting that I see them at the other end of town and I can barely talk, as I have two screaming kids. I am frustrated and try to arrange everything.... thank god, she... Continue Reading →

12 September 2017

The tiler is here early early and Leo gets all excited and meets him with helmet and all his tools, ready to assist. Bless! Off I go again to Holweide - bone scintigraphy! Oh joy, once again they inject some radioactive substance and I need to wait for three hours until they can check my... Continue Reading →

11 September 2017

Markus is off to Cincinnati for 4 days, but Mom will be here, as I will be radioactive and should not go near the kids the next day....ahhh....Today I should find my way to the pioh center, where the oncologist, Dr. Reiser, meets me for a first chat before the chemo - I was still... Continue Reading →

10 September 2017

I meet my colleague Eva for a second breakfast and get the book "Why does Mom wear a cap during summer"... Lovely catch-up and off we go to fly home to Cologne. The Red Cross is wonderful again and while I wait at the bulk luggage for Leo's car seat, start chatting to a lady,... Continue Reading →

9 September 2017

My bold brother Micky, his wife Anna and the kids Finn (my other godchild) and Janis join us in Freising and we go to their annual fair with loads of rides and great bavarian food. I feel that this might just be a wee bit too much for day two after the operation and they... Continue Reading →

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