11 September 2017

Markus is off to Cincinnati for 4 days, but Mom will be here, as I will be radioactive and should not go near the kids the next day….ahhh….Today I should find my way to the pioh center, where the oncologist, Dr. Reiser, meets me for a first chat before the chemo – I was still hoping that we would do the 4 cylces only, but he confirms that we do 4 EC (Epirubicin and Cyclophosphamid) and 12 T(Paclitaxal), that I will loose my hair after the second cycle and that EC has the heaviest side effects – sickness, vomiting, hairloss, low immune system, necessity of blood transfusions, which they can also do… lucky me…, allergic reactions, etc…- but every patient is different. „No worries, I want to do the full chemo“ and Dr. Reiser says he would wish for more patients like me. I double check that I should really not drink ANY alcohol – „you can have some, you might just not tolerate it too well“ hmmmm… he says that sports are actually not only ok, but benefitial for chemo.

The advantage is though that I now get free taxi rides to pioh up to five times a week – yeah!

He wants to start Chemo on Thursday, but I should doublecheck with Holweide, if they see any issues with that… I am a bit sick now after all that, but Maja is not far away and meets me at Cafe Fleur for a quick coffee and drops me off at home. Maja’s friend Sabina did the whole breastcancer thing….I can do it!

Meanwhile I have spoken to Caritas to get someone to help me at home. Markus changed his working times in order to bring the kids to kindergarten in the mornings, but I still need someone to pick them up and look after them until he is home. They have a long wait list, but tell me about an organisation called „Home Instead“ – Frau Raticova assures me that they will arrange someone for the following week, if the insurance company agrees – I like her straight away and try to pronounce her name correctly 😉

This is next to pioh – I need to tell my friend Hannah about it 😉

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