12 September 2017

The tiler is here early early and Leo gets all excited and meets him with helmet and all his tools, ready to assist. Bless!

Off I go again to Holweide – bone scintigraphy! Oh joy, once again they inject some radioactive substance and I need to wait for three hours until they can check my bones.

I visit Elke, who is still in B5 and have my first meeting with Beate Rahn, the psycho oncologist – she seems a bit tired and I have the feeling that I should cheer her up, but listen to her. I shall concentrate on my healty cells and come up with images how they protect themselves from the red poison, e.g. wearing raincoats and rubberboots. That sounds a bit boring… well, I worked on cruiseship and my little green healthy cells will go on a cruise and have a lovely time during cocktail parties, while being safe from the poison. Whoohoo!

Back to the nuclear medical department – they check the bones and the doctor … it is the nice one again and I should get his name… says that my bones look ‚unused‘.

I go downtown to our office and have a quick lunch with my colleagues Bernadette and Sonja before meeting my kindergarten friend Lars to go wig shopping. Mom and our babysitter Lilli take care of the kids.

Meeting Lars is often as if we had just seen each other and instead of wig shopping, we just chat away in a cafe.

I enter one of the recommened wig shops by myself afterwards and find out that you actually need an appointment… but the place is scary and very dusty.

I decide to go for dinner to „XII Aposteln“ by myself and catch up on the paperwork – being German I got myself a huge folder for my cancer project 😉


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