13 September 2017

I speak to the Taxi company „TaxiRuf Köln“ in order to get everything ready for my free taxi rides – they are insisting that I see them at the other end of town and I can barely talk, as I have two screaming kids. I am frustrated and try to arrange everything…. thank god, she calls back later to tell me that I can actually send it to them as well! Off to LaufMamaLauf (my wonderful running Mamas) again! I cannot do any arm excercises, but all the rest and it feels so good!

In the afternoon I join the „look good, feel better“ make-up course in Holweide. „Why Do you have so much hair?“ well, I am one of the only ones, who do this one day pre chemo 😉

Parminder is in her late 20s and has very short hair, which looks very soft like baby hair – she had finished the chemo in May…. OMG after chemo it takes this long for a little bit of baby hair to grow!??! She also told me that the lashes and eyebrown were first grey, when they grew back – well, they tell us how to put eyebrow makeup on without having eyebrows!

One lady looked really tired when we started and was glowing by the end – it might as well have been the huge bag with complimentary make-up though, which you get.

I managed to get a last minute dental cleaning appointment afterwards – apparently it is fundamental that your teeth are alright and I am grateful.

My friend Andrea tells me about Tatjana Richartz. She is a hair and make-up artist, who used to work for the movies and now has a little salon with hair, make-up and wigs. I have an appointment the same evening.

They are amazing and I cancel the appointment in the grim wig shop straight away.

Talking about wigs. The insurance only pays the minimum of €350, which seems a lot, but if you get something in this range, you look like a playmobil woman. Therefore I will face to pay a bit more, but that is ok.

So many people want to help and Eva said that a regular schedule helps a lot… I think about it and select a few people who I put into the What’s App group „Alex needs help“. This way I have a single point of contact, if I need quickly help with something and they can decide amongst themselves, who could help – with all this in the back of my mind, I think I am ready for chemo No. 1 ….


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