14 September 2017

Actually this would have been officially my first day back at work after maternity leave and instead I have chemo number 1 – ohhh, I am nervous! I have a large müsli (ask they told me I should), drink a lot of ginger water (as Elke recommended), pack snacks, the Headspace meditation app activate3d (as Olivia recommended) and something to read, did download a few movies (decided that it is worth it now to be an Amazon Prime member 😉 and call the taxi. It is dmexco fair and you cannot pre-order one.

Well, it is always the same – when there is dmexco or anuga, everything breaks down in Cologne and therefore I stand for 30 minutes outside the house and wait…. well, as if it wasn’t enough for my nerves to have my first chemo day, I am also 30 minutes late for it….AAHHHH!

First they test my blood – the port under my skin has a little membrane, so they can just take it from there. All fine and now they connect me to the tubes… the port is round and flat and while I have to inhale, they bang the matching counterpart on top of it (my skin is stuck in between and the needle in this pieces goes through the membrane). BAM!

They first flush the port with NaCl and then I am ready to have all these infusions go into my body. There is also cortisone and other medications and then they give me the red one – that is poison number 1 and it should go to the loo beforehand, as it is very agressive and I am not allowed to move while it is running into my body. „Ready for the Campari?“ the chemo nurse is actually really nice and makes me feel relaxed about this whole thing.

After four hours I am ready to go home  with a bag full of medication to cope with any possible side effects. Mom has made chicken soup…. I am sooo tired!


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