10 September 2017

I meet my colleague Eva for a second breakfast and get the book „Why does Mom wear a cap during summer“… Lovely catch-up and off we go to fly home to Cologne.

The Red Cross is wonderful again and while I wait at the bulk luggage for Leo’s car seat, start chatting to a lady, who sits next to me, as she asks what is wrong with me. „Breastcancer“ and she tells me a bit about own experience. Then she asked me when I was diagnosed and I said 10 days ago „I cannot believe how you speak about it having just been diagnosed“ and I make a note to keep it this way.

The car seat arrives in 1000 pieces and he Air Berlin – nevermind that they only still operate because of my tax money – let me down big time…. I am forced to take the pieces home to later prove that it was actually destroyed … ahhh … idiots – how am I supposed to get Leo home without the seat?!?!?


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