9 September 2017

My bold brother Micky, his wife Anna and the kids Finn (my other godchild) and Janis join us in Freising and we go to their annual fair with loads of rides and great bavarian food.

I feel that this might just be a wee bit too much for day two after the operation and they take Leo and myself back to their place in Munich.

Changing the bandages hurts, but mainly because I have to wear a tight bra 24 hours a day and I have difficulties lifting my arms, as the sentinal wound hurts on the left side, the port on the right side and I do not even notice that the left breast was also operated 😉 – the bandage covers the whole in my breast where the tube with the sole secretion bag was and the plasters are really sticky…. so it really could be worse – Sleeping however is a real pain, but we are getting there.



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