8 September 2017

Somehow everyone in this hospital thinks that I will stay for another two nights!?!? They want me to keep the bag with the sore secretions, which is hanging on my body and I certainly will not take this home 😉

While they decide, if I can leave or not, I have my first appointment with the Breast Care Nurse, Frau Eßer – what a lovely lady! I get information on a make-up course, wig shops, tips to cope with the side effects of chemo … and there will possibly be a lot and I am being told that I am not allowed to carry anything – GREAT – how shall I fly to Munich with two little kids not carrying anything!?!?

Well, first I need someone to pick me up from hospital and drive me to the airport, then I try to get Air Berlin to give me assistance, but no luck. I actually get the German Red Cross at Köln Bonn Airport on the line and they will help me out! Perfect!

Andrea – one of my mummy friends – picks me up and drives me home. I will only take Leo with me to Munich to make things easier…. Simone – Mummy friend number 2 – picks me up  45 minutes later to bring me to the airport…. Oh no…. I forgot ALL my paperwork, mobile charger and everything from the bedside table in hospital. I will get it on Tuesday!

Everything goes really smoothly, Leo meets some other kids in the plane and Anke (my friend from Ealing) and her daughter Lale (my godchild) pick me up! Great to see them and chill a bit in their garden, while the kids enjoy the trampoline and make pizza for us 🙂

Anke’s husband Jan, who I met during my flight attendant training and studied with in Ealing, show me a book „Cancer cells don’t like raspberries“… Interesting! I have already cut all all white sugar since the diagnosis! I am also drinking a lot of fresh carrot juice, as this should be good 😉 Well, it won’t do any harm either….

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