15 September 2017

I have to go back for an injection to stimulate the white blood cell production and get some more infusions of NaCl and Cortisone… I actually feel alright though – still a bit sick, but not too bad! We will see how the weekend goes 😉

I have received so many flowers, presents and cards and appreciate every single one of them! I get little care packages and even people I do not know too well, touch me.

There is a tumor conference once a month – this is where all the experts meet including Prof. Dr. Warm, Prof. Dr. Breidenbach, Dr. Reiser, etc… they discuss each of their patients and decide together which course they will take.I really feel that I am in good hands.

Chemo makes funny things with you – I feel very unsettled, am tired, but cannot sleep, am very emotional, sentimental and am hot and cold. You need to drink plenty to flush the poison out of your body and therefore run to the toilet all the time. Suddenly I cannot stand coffee anymore and they say anything that you eat during chemo, you wont’t like anymore afterwards?

Thank you to my colleague Inga for all the funny pictures!

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