17 September 2017

Saturday was busy – I had the feeling that we should have a picture taken of the family while I still have hair…. which we did – after a 3rd birthday breakfast and before meeting some Moms for a post 3rd birthday get together…maybe I should slow down 😉

Today is the Muddy Angel Run – it is for breast cancer awareness and I was registered with the running moms, but obviously should not dive into mud – therefore another mom took my place. I am so tired that I only arrive after they finished the run, but hey, at least I made it. Today is definitely the most tired day I had so far… and I still feel sick! Sleeping changes as well with chemo – I should drink a lot, but also am awake a lot…it is all a bit similar to being pregnant – though I would rather be pregnant 😉 Gosh, I always wanted to have three or four kids, but that will not happen anymore! I actually asked the doctor and I will probably move straight into menopause after chemo – what an outlook….



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