12 September 2018

My body is amazing – tired, but awesome! All the treatments, the 16 chemos, 2 operations and its complications, 28 radiations, menopause, bone aches, pneumonia and now chemo pills…. it is tired – fully understandable – but it keeps going and going! Wow!

Last night was a night, which reminded me of my first chemos being restless despite total exhaustion, sleepless and drenched from hot flushes….. ahhh! I certainly hope it’s a one off, but my super body manages the kids and sports – yes I am fit to face the Muddy Angel run in Cologne on Sunday – support me at 4:30pm – and a full day with errands and kids! I see the benefits of my yoga retreat – I am not as thin skinned with the kids, don’t loose my patients, but let Mia go to Kindergarten in a t-Shirt with diapers…. well, the teachers confirmed it is not ok to run around with a nappie and she put her skirt on…. whatever it takes…. I did not have the nerves, yet! I definitely see an upwards trend though….

Thank you, you wonderful body, I am proud of you – look what you handle and I promise to keep looking after you with sports and nutrition and the occasional drink and treat, but for now I am bringing you to bed to give you some extra sleep, as I want to visit someone special tomorrow 😉 Good night!

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

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