13 September 2018

It’s my three month check up with the radiation team! It really does not seem that three months have past already… wow! Time flies… I don’t really know what to expect, but I notice that the radiation field is still visible on my skin. It looks like a shadow, slowly fading away!

My doctor is on vacation, but the stand in doc is really nice. She checks my breast, the lymphknots and is happy. As we go through my file, I see the radiation ankles quite clearly and see that heart and lungs were minimally touched.

What are the next steps? Half year mammograms (yearly both breasts), yearly radiation of my lung and liver sonograms along with the gynecologist checks…. this feels like I am on a good way! Onwards and upwards…

It is surreal to be back here… I feel like a visitor in a previous episode of my cancer story…. weird, but in a good way 😉

And now, I am off to visit my bosom buddy Merle and her sweet daughter – I can’t wait!

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