18 September 2018

Live and let live…. this is not your gig, it’s mine!

Everyone finds a way to deal with cancer differently! My psychologist says a defence mechanism I use is sublimation – I turn my cancer fear into something creative and positive – this is my way of coping with it, but everyone is different and there isn’t that one way that works for all.

Throughout my journey, I get recommendations, links and advice. All is well meant and some tips are helpful and some make me laugh. Broccoli, raspberries and carrots, hemp oil, methadone, turmeric powder, sports, a sugar free diet, vegetarian or vegan, special vitamins and enzymes, mediation, yoga, acupuncture, reiki, energy work…. I heard it all, but to be clear on this one – only I decide which way works for me.

I don’t mind getting the information, am often really grateful and can always ignore it, if not interested, but what makes me upset is if people force their way onto others. If there was the one thing that works 100%, there would be no cancer…. everyone is different, each cancer is different and each journey is different.

„You have to….“ be positive, do sports, eat vegan, do chemo, don’t do chemo ….not a dreg…. this is my movie, my journey and I choose how to live and what to do.

Cancer is not the only area, where people force their values and believes onto others! I am not a saint, I also tell people what to do and what not to do, but I try to ‚live and let live‘.

And next time someone does something their own way, voice your opinion, by all means, but whatever direction they choose, please tell yourself „Not my circus, not my monkeys!“

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