20 September 2018

When you skydive, you have adrenaline kicks hours afterwards and that is exactly what I am experiencing – what a day at the Dreamball yesterday!

Maja and I are being picked up by a BMW shuttle and meet for a Blogger Lunch with press and L’Oréal at Borchardt – a restaurant I only knew from the yellowpress…. a Wiener Schnitzel later, we are being shuttled to the event location, where we meet the dreamladies Marlene, Raliza, Caro, former dreamladies Pia and Ina and the witty Barbara Schöneberger flies by to give us a warm welcome. I feel like a star as my hair and makeup is being done by L’Oréal – I think I have one pound of gel in my hair, but I love my 30s look and what a great location is the WECC?!?! An industry style harbour warehouse with steel and bricks glammed up for this special night!

A shuttle brings us to our hip i30 hotel! „As you booked a container, please exit the building on the third floor“ whaaaat?!? Yes, on a root top, we find ourself is a rusty overseas container converted into a cosy and stylish hotel room with our own little terrace! Half an our later, our shuttle takes us to the event location, where a lot of photographers are piled up outside to catch Jogi Löw, Aleksandra Bechtel and Mariella Ahrens and other famous people! Wow! The scroll along the yellow carpet is hot and there are loads of photographers, but since we are not a focus of interest, we rush to the welcome reception! Champagne, yes! Natalie, who is the initiator and heart of Blogger4Charity, which I am happy to support, is there, influencer Ischitar and her lovely manager, who sports the same hairstyle as I do…. and finally I meet with my sponsor Avène! This amazing company, who is co sponsor of the event, paid for Maja and my flights, hotel and Dreamball tickets! And guess what – they invited me for a special rehab in the Avene clinic in Avene in October and can bring along my Mum and my kids! I found out a little last month and still cannot believe that I am being spoilt this much…. whooohooo!

I meet up with the inspiring Sibylle Krollmeier and I finally meet Simone Adelsbach and her husband from YesWeCan_cer…. yet another amazing project to raise awareness for cancer, take away the fear and tabu around the subject and create a community and support platform!

Let the show commence!! Maja and I sit with Avene in the second row, surrounded by Sylvie Meis, Heike Makatsch, Guido Maria Kretschmer, the new ambassador for the adult look good feel better programme, Lena Gerke, Jogi Löw, Anna von Bayern, Lena Meyer-Landrut and the wonderful managing director of DKMS LIFE Ruth Neri, Boris Entrup and Franziska Knuppe buzz around the tables to sell raffle ticket …. not I did not win the cruise, the BMW motorbike or the trip to the Maldives 😉, but Barbara Schöneberger rocks the show and so does Natasha Bedingfield…. wow! And the evening raises more than 600.000€ (mainly through the sponsors L’Oréal, Avène and ghd) for the patient programm look good feel better, which is run by DKMS Life in Germany and is something that I happily support, as this is about the women and not the cancer … it makes them feel #bravebrightbeautiful …. which is the motto of this year’s Dreamball!

We get a fashion drawing done with makeup from L’Oréal, dance the night away – barefoot and happy – and despite the fact that we don’t want this night to end, we are some of the last guests to leave with our posh shuttle back to the hotel with a big goodie bag and heart full of happiness and amazing memories!

The team of DKMS Life busy bees and huge support team, partners, sponsors, supporters creates a magic evening, for which I need at least one week to let it sink….

Thank you DKMS Life and Avène for having us, as this evening marks the end of my 5/8 chemo cycle and tomorrow I am returning to my cancer life with doctors appointment with sore feet and hands, but a bagpack full of happy memories and strength!

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