21 September 2018

I am back in my cancer routines, but I am flowing through the day on a Dreamball cloud, my heart is full of happiness, love and wonderful memories. I cannot stop smiling, humming the song that Caro, Marlene and Raliza sang with Barbara Schöneberger!

The team of the DKMS LIFE around managing director Ruth Neri were busy bees working endless hours to create this emotional event. Cancer is everywhere and events like this do not only raise awareness, they lift the tabu and make people speak about it and use the word CANCER! Thank you and all your supporters, contractors and helpers – I feel very privileged that I could be part of this magic night ❤️

I feel tired, but manage to have a coffee with Christina prior to my oncologist check up! My blood levels are ok, but they think about pausing the chemo to give my purulent toe nail a chance to heal…. we will see next week along with my liver results – I did have more than a glass of champagne at the Dreamball, but who wouldn’t …. I did take it easy though 😉

I tick off lymphdrainage, kindergarten, music school and a play date including pizza baking and now I am packing my toothbrush to drive home for my 25 year highschool reunion – no rest for the wicked…. Wednesday is Leo’s 4th birthday and I still have to prepare a pirat party including a treasure hunt! Somehow it always falls into place, doesn’t it?!? I certainly hope so!

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