9 September 2018o

Our 7am meditation is replaced by a coffee date with Inga – as Sandra wants to do it outside again and we both feel that it is too cold 😉 Yoga means listening to yourself and doing what you feel is good for you and for us it’s coffee and a chat! Inga is one of my best friends – we know each other for more than 25 years and understand each other without words, but I also love chatting to her!

I also skip some asanas where I have to carry my weight on my hands, as I feel that my breast is swollen again – gentle! There should never be pain!

During the hip opening asanas, I have thoughts about death, Rachael and what my kids would do, if I die, the memoires she wrote for her son, which she could not finish…. it might have been that I started listening more to her podcast on my way to my yoga retreat?!? … and surprisingly enough these hip opening asanas are known to trigger deep essential thoughts…. it leaves a bitter note, but despite these thoughts, which pass, I leave with a heart full of happiness and I am grateful! Serotonines and endorphines are the key – full of happy hormones I am making my way back to home. I cannot wait to hold my kids – I really miss them!

There is a group of bike fans, stag nighters -whatever their common denominator – onboard my train and I love it – they are jolly, happy and alive without being too much…. I like their music, close my eyes and dose off, as I am tired ….. soooo tired! 🎵🎶 „O partigiano, ….ciao, bella, ciao!“ 🎶🎵

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