8 September 2018

Recap of the B2 run – it is great to see my colleagues and feel part of the team despite the fact that I have not been to work for more than two years….

HRG is now merging with American Express GBT, but no matter what name, we are a great team and I look forward to slowly returning next year!

My yoga retreat is doing wonders – meditation on the banks of the still misty lake slowly wakes me before we start with the first yoga flow session – and yes, breakfast and coffee is on my mind in which I indulge while having inspirational chats. The groups is very harmonic and some familiar faces from last year are here. We go for a meditative walk – and yes, I hugged a tree and I enjoyed it, picked a special one and felt – have only little time for a stretch and sensational food meditation, sauna, skinny dipping in the lake, a little taste of Zumba, a medley of Vinyasa, Kundalini & yin yoga.

It sounds exhausting, but I am doing it all low key, listen to my body and feel that I am gaining energy…. and boy, I will sleep like a baby! Next step on the agenda – BBQ dinner and the yoga Nidra – the yogi sleep before crawling into bed!

I am grateful that I can be here – one year on and I am still alive and fit enough to recharge my batteries once again. Sandra is amazing and just being with her gives you so much energy and positivity! Thank you 🙏

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