7 September 2018

I am sitting on the train to my yoga and wellness retreat – just like last year – with my rain coat under my arm…. last year I sat on this train, it was the day after my diagnosis. I spent the time informing everyone I possibly could that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Scared, but positive and determined! I was too puzzled and confused and as a result I left my raincoat on the train…. and I never got it back!

I used this weekend to pack a bag full of positive and happy moments for the months ahead of me!

This year, I have a new raincoat and I look forward to packing another bag! Silke will be there with me again, but this year Inga is joining us and the outlook is much happier, as I am soon facing the end of my treatment and slowly going back into ’normal life‘ – whatever it will be. It will be my old life, but with a new twist… and for now, I am off to packing my bag! Namaste!

PS: I did complete the 5k B2 Run – running – slowly, but running!

Photo: Nadine Heller Menzel

Bag: Miss Souk

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