6 September 2018

#throwbackthursday – the picture is 10 years old and was taken when I ran my first half marathon ever….. and it meant so much to me.

I was always terrible at sports, one of the last to be selected into any team and I dreaded sports lessons… running was the worst, but I started slowly and trained while working onboard cruiseships. A 10k New Years run to Werl was something I never thought I could do… but I did it and the next step after a few shorter runs, was my first half marathon!

I was so proud and to top it, I started to train for a real marathon…. I had a plan, which I followed meticulously and even a special diet for the day prior to my marathon and the actual marathon day. And you know what?!? I did it – I finished the marathon almost effortlessly, as I met a girl during the run and we chatted away after km 6 or 8…. it took me 5 hours, but I had a great time…. and what followed were marathon two and three to improve my time….

During my first pregnancy 2016, I suddenly could not run any more and I missed it…. being pregnant again while still nursing baby No. 1, running was the last thing on my mind…. my time with the running Mamas has since the beginning been a walking event for me… as after the babies my pelvic floor was not in running mode 😉

But things changed and despite the fact that I went from nursing baby no. 2 straight into chemo and could still not run, I could suddenly run again in June… and I ran the Pink run of 5k!

And despite being on an all time low, as I am tired as anything, I will try to run the B2 run with my colleagues tonight! Wish me luck! #believeinyourself

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