5 September 2018

At lunchtime I learn that Rachael Bland passed away this morning…. and I cannot stop thinking about her husband and her wee son 💔

Yes, my life continues and I am ever so grateful! I get comments that I no longer do coffee dates and yes, I am too tired, to busy, but I have coffee with my running Mamas after my LaufMamaLauf Sport Session today and I love the coffee scene Nadine shot yesterday…. ties in quite nicely, as coffee plays such a major role in my cancer story!

I see my oncologist later today and due to my chemo brain, I prepared a long list with questions.

But for now, I don’t feel like writing about me – Rachael was such an inspiration to me and her podcast „You, me and the Big C“ (please download it) will be continued by Debs and Lolli, who inspire me as well, will continue what the three of them started. Her legacy will live on, but for today I am heart broken and I am sending all my love to her family 💔

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