4 September 2018

„Your breast is so much better than last week“ – I am happy that my breast does not only cheer up my doctor, but also my physio therapist Alexandra Dietrich! The breast is ready to be cupped…. ouch…. if I had known how painful this is, I would not have gotten the permission from my doctor and oncologist….. the cupping itself is not the problem, but she actually moves the cupping glass across my breast…. uhhh!! I hope it helps though, but I really trust her – Frau Dietrich … not my breast!

Happy, but tired (yes, I had my first wee Gin Tonic last night at Maja’s Birthday gathering in her allotment garden and a little wine, but it feels like I drank the entire stock) I return home to meet Nadine, who wants to take a few picture! We have breakfast and start our little tour around the botanical gardens.

I know Nadine through kindergarten, she is a film maker, a photographer and she has become my friend since my diagnosis – we have a lovely time and now I am resting before I dive into the afternoon with the kids.

And if there is any energy left, I have my monthly girls get together at Schillplatz tonight…. one of my favorite places in Nippes ❤️

My life is beautiful right now, two of my buddies had positive check-ups, it’s a beautiful day, but my thoughts are with Rachael, who is facing her final days with her little family and it breaks my heart how unfair and cruel cancer is playing! Cancer – I hate you so much!

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